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How and When to Send a Legal Notice to Husband – Send Professional notice in just 1 day!

Many people believe that it is better to speak with their spouse about problems in the marriage before filing for divorce. This includes those who are married and have been together for a long time.

Bringing legal action against a spouse is never a pleasant undertaking, but it may be necessary in some instances. In the best-case scenario, couples live side by side and work through their differences utilising alternative means of conflict resolution.

One way many couples attempt this is by sending a notice to one another (here notice to husband) when something needs addressing which may possibly lead down the path towards the dissolution of marriage if left unattended.

Why does a wife need to send a legal notice to her husband?

What is a notice to the husband?

Notice to the husband is a notice written by the wife who wants or needs something from her husband.


It can be sent as part of an attempt to repair their relationship, but if this doesn’t work then it’s important that the notice also includes information about when and how they are going to start legal proceedings for divorce if not satisfied with what is happening in their marriage.

What is there in the notice?

The notice may include anything which could be used later on in court; things like emotional abuse or financial neglect or incidents of domestic violence – should all be included in case there was any doubt that these were indeed issues present within your marriage.

The notice must clearly state what steps will take place next – either more discussion or filing for divorce – so both parties know exactly where they stand with one another at the time of notice.

Is it sent only by the wife?

The notice can be sent by the wife or can also be filed with the help of an advocate or the court if it is not convenient to do so at home in front of your spouse. It is recommended that the notice be prepared and sent by an advocate to make it more professional and to the point.

When is the correct time to send the notice to husband?

It may seem like an extreme measure – and there are many who will encourage you to work things out rather than file for divorce right away – but some marriages simply don’t have enough love left within them to make any real difference; they’re better off moving on without one another.


At this point, more discussion between spouses would mean going into therapy together or seeing a lawyer individually as well as attending marriage counselling sessions together.

This could help both parties feel safe again when interacting with each other which might lead back to feeling satisfied overall with their relationship status because all concerns (major ones and smaller issues) are being addressed.

When the time is right?

However, if one spouse is constantly challenging the other in these sessions or won’t cooperate with what’s suggested then there really isn’t any point to continue because they’re not interested in resolving their problems together.

If this is true for you, it might be time to send a notice of legal separation (or divorce). Send a well written professional legal notice to your spouse, the next day you fill it.

What does a notice to husband contain?

Notice to the husband contains things like

  • the reason why the wife is sending this notice
  • incidents of the reason – negligence, drunkenness, etc
  • some pieces of evidence like chats, videos, etc
  • the actual wish or demand of wife so that the marriage is saved
  • details of child custody if divorce is the only way out
  • maintenance amount and frequency, if any
  • any other consequences which the wife may want to put

The notice to the husband should be sent as soon the wife has all of this information collected. The notice will not include that many details, but it is important to know what she wants from her spouse in order for the two to live happily ever after.


in India, where wives are mostly seen as subordinate to their husbands, it is important for them to have a notice that will ensure they are deserving of the same rights and privileges.

This notice should include details such as her wish or demand, evidence collected so far in order for him to understand why she wants this divorce, custody arrangements if needed at all and what consequences may come next.

If he does not comply then his wife will have grounds on which to file a divorce case on different grounds against him with the court system.

The notice must be sent soon after collecting information because Indian law dictates how long one has before filing any cases like these.

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