Divorce in Prayagraj (Allahabad)

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Easy Steps for Divorce in Prayagraj

  1. Personal Details: Begin by providing your complete name, address, date of marriage, etc.
  2. Grounds for Divorce: Specify the reason for seeking a divorce, be it mutual consent, incompatibility, or any other legal ground.
  3. Children & Custody Details: If children are involved, provide their details and your preferred custody arrangement.
  4. Assets & Liabilities: Outline shared assets and liabilities, ensuring clarity in settlement.
  5. Submit: Once filled out, click on the ‘Submit’ button. Our team will review and reach out to you shortly.
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FAQs for Divorce in Prayagraj

Typically, if it’s a mutual consent divorce, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months, depending on the complexities involved.

Grounds can range from mutual consent, cruelty, desertion, conversion, mental disorder, renunciation, and more.

Not always. Depending on the circumstances and stages, your presence might be mandatory only on specific dates.

The cost varies based on the nature and complexities of the case and the lawyer’s fees. Adjuva Legal guarantees transparency in pricing with no hidden fees.

Property division is based on several factors, including the couple’s agreement, duration of marriage, and individual contribution.

Child custody decisions are made prioritising the child’s best interests, considering factors like financial stability, emotional support, etc.

Yes, you can, but there may be procedural steps and costs involved.

The court may give a few chances, but consistent absence can lead to decisions in the petitioner’s favour.

Essential documents include Aadhaar cards, marriage certificates (optional), proof of residence, income proof, and others based on the case’s nature.

Research, reviews, and referrals can guide you to experienced and reputable lawyers in the city. But Adjuva Legal has been a highly renowned and trusted place for divorce cases for many years.