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Most Common Questions Asked By Couples

NO! The mutual consent divorce can not be done on stamp paper. It is a legal process and hence it needs to be done via the family courts only. Please do not fall into the trap of any agent who claims that law or any other related to it can be done with stamp paper.

This is the most common misconception in India right now. Our team gets one call daily asking “I will sign on the stamp paper and end this marriage, is this the right way?”. Please don’t fall in the trap of those who say marriage can be ended by signing a piece of paper.

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Our pricing is so cheap because we want to make sure that our products are accessible to everyone.

We are on a mission to make India Legally Independent.

The overall cost of mutual divorce can range from thousands to lakhs till you get the decree. But why pay more when we are here for you.

We lead in providing paper preparation to divorce decree at a fixed amount – no extra cost and no hidden charges, at all.

The process of divorce by mutual consent in India is

1) The first being, a joint petition to be filed by mutual agreement between both parties to seek divorce by mutual consent.

2) The appearance of both the parties before the honourable court of analysing the filed documents and petition.

3) After scrutinization of the petition, an order shall be passed by the courts for recording the statements of the parties under oath.

4) After the passing of the first motion, a period of 6 months is provided to the parties before the second motion is passed.

5) This is followed by a second motion and a final hearing of the matter.

6) The courts on being satisfied by the truthfulness of the statements made in the petition may grant a decree of divorce.

However, this procedure and laws for divorce can be followed in family courts with the help of the consultation of divorce lawyers. We can be the best option for you.

No, it cannot be done after six months of marriage. Not even 11 months.

Actually, this divorce has nothing to do with the time of marriage but that of separation.

There should be at least 12 months of separation before one can file for this decree.

So, you need to be living apart for a year to proceed with the divorce by mutual consent proceedings. Before this period, a contested divorce can be the only option.

BUT WE WILL UPGRADE YOUR PETITION TO Memorandum of Understanding at no extra cost.

Has one-year separation not passed yet? If not, apply for Memorandum of Understanding(MoU).

But, this one year separation condition can also be waived off. Meaning thereby you may file for mutual consent divorce even if the statutory period of one-year separation has not been passed if the court allows so. This depends totally upon the discretion of the court.

You should choose us because – 

  • We treat our clients as family members or friends.
  • Your personal details are very safe with us – as the papers will contain some sensitive personal things so it is advisable not to seek advice and service of anyone who you do not rely totally upon.
  • If you wish to cancel the petition – it is done immediately, no questions are asked plus the details are also deleted as soon as possible.
  • Short on money? – no problem. We are here to serve you better not to steal you better. The fee can be given in instalments too or after full satisfaction.
  • The highest possible quality of legal consultation and advice is provided without an additional cost.
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  • Free delivery of papers to the given address, anywhere in India.
  • Our website is protected by various anti-virus or spam protection systems, so the safety on the site is at its highest.
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  • The payment partner is Razorpay – so no need to worry about any delay or failure of payments ever. Moreover, we have a 100% refund policy before paperwork has started.

Mutual divorce is a process that can be completed in about 6 to 18 months.

However, practically, it also depends on the caseload at a particular time and court where you are filing your petition.

In the case of Mutual Divorce, generally, the time duration might be a minimum of approx. 7 months in which 6 months’ tenure is a cool-down period.

Yes, anytime.

The petition for mutual divorce in India can be withdrawn any time before the decree for mutual divorce is passed.

Just drop an email on or send us a message or WhatsApp chat on 9582077784, and we will cancel it.

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Documents required for Divorce by Mutual Consent in India are as follows-

a) A joint petition in the family court. Fill the form on this page and get the petition in just ₹1,000!

b) An affidavit to be filed jointly declaring the desire and willingness of both parties to proceed with the mutual divorce process.

c) Copy of identity card or passport-like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID/Ration Card etc.

d) Marriage Registration Certificate – this is optional and not mandatory but if you have registered your marriage then the certificate shall be attached.

e)Marriage Photographs and Wedding Card.

It looks very complex, right? Don’t worry, we will try to get all things done as smooth as possible – that too WITHOUT INVOLVING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS.

You are getting – 

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