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A comprehensive guide to marriage and divorce covering topics such as choosing a spouse, preparing for marriage, dealing with marital problems, and divorce. It also includes information on parenting after divorce.

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'100 Questions on Marriage and Divorce'

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How to read this e-book?

  1. Please do not judge the questions as these are real-life and practical questions asked by different persons from different parts of the world, not just India or America.
  2. Some questions and their answers might make you uncomfortable but please remember this is not a fictional book, but a book sharing knowledge, information and suggestions to different questions.
  3. The best way to see the answers is by being subjective rather than objective. The person asking the question has asked this with an intention to get a practical and the most honest answer from us. We tried to do the same.
  4. We tried to keep the questions as original as possible so that the real question from the random real person can be presented. This also cements the authenticity and intention behind this book.
  5. You can browse through the questions and answers by clicking the page numbers or questions on the table of contents page. You do not have to read them all, choose your question and click it. This way you will jump directly to the question and answer part.

What can I expect?

This ebook provides 100 questions and answers on divorce and marriage, asked by people like you. It covers topics such as the effects of divorce on children, how to protect your children during a divorce, and how to rebuild your life after a divorce.

It also offers answers to such questions as how do you know when it’s time to get a divorce, what should you consider during the divorce process, etc.

Consider this a practical guide for divorcing men and women everywhere. After going through this ebook, you might feel easy to make a decision. 

What all am I getting?

You are getting - 

  1. 100 practical questions asked by real humans on Quora
  2. 100 most honest, useful and life-changing answers
  3. 100 copyright-free motivating divorce and marriage-related images
  4. Free legal consultation on WhatsApp from anywhere in World

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A better approach towards divorce

Divorce is not easy for anyone – but if you know what you’re getting into, then chances are the outcome will turn out better than expected.

Divorce is...

marriage or divorce - choice is yours

Get all your answers at one place

Learn almost EVERYTHING related to divorce and marriage. This book will make 3 things clear – Whether you have to A. Stay in a marriage B. Divorce and move on C. Marry at all (if you are still unmarried).


Everything on Marriage and Divorce

Consider this a practical guide for divorcing men and women everywhere. After going through this eBook, you might feel easy to make a decision.😇

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