Choosing a Divorce Advocate: 7 Steps to Help You Find the Best One

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Choosing a divorce advocate/lawyer is not as simple as picking one out of the phone book. There are many factors to consider when choosing family law advocates in order to get the best representation possible.

In this blog post, we will go over 7 steps that you should take before hiring a family advocate so that you can be sure to find one who is right for your needs and has enough experience with family law cases.

Step One: Do Research

Before you hire a family advocate, make sure that they are qualified to represent your case.

You may take the help of Google in finding the best family law advocate and look at their past cases in order to see how often they have gone before a judge as well as what type of representation style they offer.

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If there is anything that doesn’t seem right about the family law advocate you are considering hiring, do some research before making a commitment.

Step Two: Ask Around

Ask family members and friends who they recommend for family lawyers in your area of residence or practice.

You can also ask professionals that you know such as doctors or accountants for recommendations too.

The best way to find out if someone is qualified to represent your case is with their past clients so don’t be afraid to get personal or read the reviews.

You may want to even call up those family law advocates who have been recommended by others just to see how confident they sound about representing people on similar cases like yours.

You may be able to find out about matrimonial or divorce advocates from family members and friends.

They will have the best experience with family court cases, so they know what qualities are important in a family advocate who is well respected by others in this field.

Step Three: Ask About Cost First

The cost of hiring a divorce advocate should not automatically disqualify them as your potential advocate.

It’s all subjective; it depends on how much you can afford to pay for legal representation.

You want to make sure that your chosen family law professional has an affordable fee structure before signing any contract or paying upfront fees – if at all possible, discuss these things beforehand!

Most importantly, consider whether their rates are comparable with other family law professionals in the area

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Step Four: Make Sure They Are Qualified

The family law professional you choose should have experience in family-related cases and divorce proceedings.

If they specialize exclusively in family law, then it’s less likely that there will be any surprises when the process begins.

To make sure a family advocate is qualified to represent your case, ask them how many years of experience they have with family law matters and what percentage of their practice is dedicated specifically to these areas.

It also helps if they have been some good websites running successfully or have some previous happy clients thus upholding ethical standards within this field – don’t forget that a good qualification means nothing without honesty!

Step Five: Check Their References

Once you have found a family advocate that meets your qualifications, it’s important to do some background research before signing on the dotted line.

Call the state bar association for reference checks or look them up online using their full name and credentials. Go through a google search to make sure you are hiring the same one.

This will give you an idea of how many cases they’ve handled in family law matters and if there are any complaints against them with regards to malpractice or impropriety.

If all goes well, schedule a consultation so you can learn more about what may happen during the divorce process and whether this family advocate is able to meet your needs.

Remember: no one wants surprises when going through such a sensitive time in life!

Step Six: Schedule a consultation

During the meeting, you can ask about how they would approach your divorce and what fees are involved with their services.

A divorce advocate who is well-versed in handling divorces will be able to provide all this information during the consultation so there are no surprises later on!

Almost all divorce advocates charge a fee for legal consultation. But some don’t. Do not compromise the quality just because they are charging you.

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Make an appointment for consultations until you feel confident enough with one of them that they’re willing to represent you through the process of divorce.

It’s important not just to have someone come out if it turns out they don’t work because every case is different which means everyone has their own way of approaching cases like yours.

Step Seven: Do not panic

See, the divorce process is a complex process, no doubt – but it can still be less stressful if your case is in good hands.

Take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone. There are many people who have been through what you’re going through now, so do your best to find someone who is right for you – it’s worth the time!

This isn’t something anyone can prepare for – but when it happens, you need some better advice on how to make this less stressful and economical as well.


The point is, you need a divorce advocate who will be with you from start to end.

This person needs to know how best to help you get through the process – and that too without putting the pressure, financially or mentally!

It’s important that this person also knows how best to handle sensitive situations like custody battles or property disputes on your behalf.

A good family lawyer can make all of those things easier for you, so it’s worth doing some research into what they specialise in before deciding which one is right for you.

The point of our article is really just giving divorce seekers more information about how to go about finding their divorce lawyer: where should I look? How will I know if one’s qualified? What questions should I be asking during my interview with them?

We hope we helped shed light on these difficult decisions facing divorce seekers, and we hope you found this article helpful.

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