Divorce Support: How to tell your children about your divorce?

taking children away after divorce - both father and mother taking one child each
It’s not going to be an easy situation to deal with but you have to keep your differences aside so as to make your children accept the news in peace and harmony.

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The Hardest Part About Divorce

It is true to say that the second hardest part about the divorce process is telling your children that you have their parents have decided to get divorced. It is going to be heartbreaking for anyone, whether they are learning of the divorce or delivering the news. Perhaps that is the reason why many people are content to spend the rest of their lives in unhappy marriages just so they do not have to face this ugly and painful moment.

Amicable and Compassionate Approach

But if you still have decided to hide this thing from your kid it will be totally wrong for him. Hence both the parents should sit down together and talk amongst themselves that how and what they are planning about the child – his custody, his financial expenses, and other decision-making power of the kid. So once everything has been amicably/mutually agreed then both the parents should have a word with the kid jointly.

Lastly, please do not ask your children whether they think you should get a divorce or not.  This is not their decision.  This is your decision, and this is your life.  Even though the results of that decision impact them a lot, you are the parent and that burden should also be one kept from the shoulders of those who should not carry them.

taking child away after divorce - both father and mother wanting to take the child with them

Children ought not to be victims of the choices adults make for them

So to comfort them make sure to let them know that they are still loved by both their parents –that the problems between you and your spouse have nothing to do with them and that both you and your spouse still love them just as much as ever.  Even you and your spouse won’t be together anymore still the children’s will have complete accessibility, love, care, and support from both the parent.  

A Happy Ending

Other than your child custody concerns, it’s totally up to you how you wish to handle breaking the news of your divorce to your children is up to you. However, it’s not going to be an easy situation to deal with but you have to keep your differences aside so as to make your children accept the news in peace and harmony.

Divorce by mutual consent

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